Waste Management



BCES Team has led analyses of emerging waste-to-energy technologies including anaerobic digestion, gasification, hydrolysis, mass-burn, plasma arc, and pyrolysis for more than 20 years. We work with government and commercial clients to collect data and information and develop cost and life cycle environmental models to support a better understanding of the cost, energy, and environmental aspects of these technologies.  BCES Team staff have highly relevant and ongoing experience collecting data and developing cost estimates for waste-to-energy technologies, including reviewing technology data and working with technology vendors to understand the data and information.

Our experience enables us to know what data to request and the right questions to ask, and affords a detailed working knowledge of technology, feed stock, and U.S. region-specific issues (e.g., regional waste characteristics, waste management and energy-related infrastructure, energy and product end-markets). In addition, BCES Team also has a dedicated Center for Energy Technologies. This Center focuses on bench- and pilot-scale technology research and development activities for biomass gasification and pyrolysis. Staff from this Center have unique hands-on knowledge and experience with many waste-to-energy technologies.