Commercial Solar Solutions


Does Power Outages Hurt Your Business?

Blue Chip Energy Services will customize your battery backup grid-tied power system to supply reliable                    electricity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will NEVER be without power again!

Other services include total building energy analysis. We perform thermal camera roof and wall inspections                       and building air infiltration testing as well as insulation analysis and install. A tight, energy efficient building can reduce air condition cost significantly.


We make Power Outages a Thing of the Past!


Benefits of Solar Power for Your Business:

  • Provide your business with free electricity for the next 25+ years
  • Reduce your risk of inflation and lessen your dependency on an electric company or utility provider
  • Choose to provide all of your power through Solar or just offset your gas or electric bill
  • Take advantage of tax credits and other incentives
  • Solar Electric Panels are under warranty from 20 to 25 years

Think Green, Save Green

  • Create clean and renewable power for future generations
  • Use solar and other renewables as a part of your business marketing and culture
  • Customers will appreciate an energy conscious company
  • Become Green and share it with the world

Payment options to avoid the upfront expense

Implement solar power into your business with out having a large upfront investment while enjoying the tax credits and bonus depreciation. Options include a Line of Credit and Lease so that your company can adopt a new power source while saving money on your current utility cost. CONTACT US for more information regarding your options.

Business applications generally have a Return On Investment within 2 to 5 years depending on their varying financial situations. And allow for your business to expand its budget for something other than the Gas or Electric bill. See example for general idea of upfront expense and incentives.

What you can expect

We work with our different partners to offer our clients the best in price, service, and reliability possible. The systems we offer are turnkey solutions to provide you the ease of installation with the unique fit that your company needs. We manage the project from start to finish with our professional installers.

Commercial and Agriculture applications have many financial options to consider purchasing and installing a Solar PV or Thermal System. These options are typically very attractive for business owners who can see that renting your power is what has been done in the past, but owning your own power production facility is the way of the future.



Never Loose Power Again, Get Your Back-Up Generator Installed Today!


62kw Commercial Three Phase Generator System

Power your business with a new 62kw Commercial Generator System that meets your operational needs. These three phase generator systems help ensure that, when the power goes out, your business continues to run. It’s that simple