Solar Energy Power Alternative

FREE Fuel Daily from the Sun

We say ‘Let There Be Light, Whenever You Want It!’


With only 3 hours of sun, One fully charged 35 Amp-Hour Battery powers our fan, lights and

USB cell phone charger, simultaneously and continuously for 24 hours. Additional batteries

and Solar Panels can be added to provide more power to operate TV’s, refrigerators, microwaves, etc..

OFF-Grid Solar

SEPA-1 Solar Energy Power Alternative

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No power, no problem. We offer affordable solutions to provide hours of continuous power using the power of the sun as fuel. Introducing our Solar Energy Power Alternative SEPA-1. Our entry level SEPA system will provide reliable Off-Grid Power everyday for many, many years. We have designed a complete turnkey sytem using the latest in state of the art technology. Our starter system has all of the bells and whistles needed to provide off-grid power. Our easy to assemble system can be up and running in a few short hours. Our components are carefully selected and of the highest quality and all come with a 90 day manufacturer’s warranty. We offer an extended service policy for up to 2 additional years.

Our basic starter system kit comes with 100 watt Polycrystalline Solar Panel w/mounting brackets, 8m (26’) solar cable extension wire with MC4 connector plugs, 3 Stage Battery Charger with automatic over current and low voltage shut-off protections for exceptional battery life and and performance, One 35 Amp-Hour AGM Deep Cycle low discharge rechargeable Porta-Cell battery, Battery Level Digital Voltage Meter, Battery Disconnect plugs, Four – 4Watt LED lights with pull-chain fixtures, 6” oscillating fan and Three – socket car plug adapter with USB cell phone charging port. Marine Grade Battery Box included (large enough to hold 2 batteries)