Renewable Energy systems offer emission free energy in addition to providing a hedge against the rising cost of electricity. Blue Chip Energy Services has provided technical support and construction services for solar photovoltaic feasibility and design for both residential and commercial clients. In addition to providing clean renewable energy, residential, commercial and municipal photovoltaic projects may be eligible for numerous grants, rebates and incentives by state and federal entities, enhancing feasibility and return on investment. Blue Chip Energy Services can help identify available funding mechanisms which prove photovoltaic’s as a viable financial asset.

Solar Feasibility studies are performed with the aid of computer modeled solar tracking software to determine maximum exposure analysis. For larger installations, Blue Chip Energy Services is capable of creating a 3D roof area drawings utilizing laser scanning technology to aid in the design and layout of the proposed solar array. In addition, Blue Chip Energy Services provides clients with end-to-end project management services for their solar initiatives.